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Since 2017, we have been dealing with CNC milling of parts for various applications in the construction, entertainment, transport industry, or for general engineering. In 2022, we included production on CNC turning machines in our technological portfolio, which significantly expanded our product range. Our mission is to offer customers a flexible service with an emphasis on production quality. We have capacities available for piece, small-batch and large-batch production.

Technical preparation of production

We have CNC machines for which we prepare programs either directly on the machine or in the case of manufacturing complex parts using by advanced Edgecam software.

It goes without saying that our own production of preparations necessary for the processing of parts is also a matter of course. For  machining, we use tools and clamping elements from the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Production technologies

Pinnacle VMC 1270:

Table clamping area 1440 x 610 mm, maximum table load 850 kg, spindle cone ISO 50

Pinnacle VMC 1470:

Table clamping area 1600 x 710 mm, maximum table load 1500 kg, spindle cone ISO 50 

Doosan VMC Mynx 9500:

Table clamping area 2500 x 950 mm, maximum table load 3500 kg, spindle cone ISO 50 

Doosan Lynx 300:

Maximum turning diameter 450 mm, maximum workpiece length 765 mm 

Doosan Puma GT3100 LM:

Maximum turning diameter 450 mm, maximum workpiece length 1245 mm, possibility to use powered tools 

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We believe that quality is not only about products, but also about the functioning of the entire company, which is evidenced by the established, maintained and improved quality management system according to ISO 9001.

One of the basic points of our company is the focus on the quality of the delivered products, which is a priority for us. Our workers are responsible for their work, they themselves check the products that pass through their hands. In addition, we are preparing a new 3D coordinate measuring device in the near future, which will further increase the level of production quality. 

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Processed materials

We process all grades of steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, plastics 

Finishing, heat treatment and surface treatments

In cooperation with our suppliers, we can provide welding work, heat treatment of metals according to requirements, as well as various surface treatments: nitriding, cementation, blackening, anodizing, painting 


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